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Short hair seems to be manageable but styling them is a real task. While going on a trip, a portable hair styling tool is beneficial specifically the best mini flat iron for short hair or any other hair length could be a solution for that. A buying guide for mini flat irons will help you out to spend some bucks on the right product.

Here are some important considerations for getting the best mini flat iron for short hair

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MkBoo Hair Straightener

Steam Technology
450 degrees F Maximum Heat
4D Brush

Considering Things Such as….

Knowing your hair type is the key and the core thing that narrow down your decision. If you know your hair type, then getting the right product would be easy. Now let’s get started with the considerations.


  • There different sizes are available providing you with so many options. The width of these irons ranges from 0.5 to 2.5. However, the standard size of the flat iron is 1 inch that allows easy straightening and curling.
  • The smallest mini flat iron could have a width of 0.5 inches plate. These flat irons are perfect for bangs or small hair length.
  • People with thick hair should have a flat iron that must have the size of the plate from 1.5 to 2 inches wide.


  • Another important feature to look for is the quality of the flat iron plates. You can find ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium plating flat irons.
  • Ceramic irons are the common ones that are also cheap in price but they are solely coated with ceramic which can cause deterioration. Still, these are the popular ones for the straightening and styling tool.
  • Tourmaline plates however are suitable for people who are afraid of having hair damage. Titanium is a lightweight metal. The flat irons made of this material heats up quickly.


  • Many flat irons come with the feature of adjustable temperature that allows setting the heat according to the requirement.
  • For styling fine hair, 300 degrees Fahrenheit is fine and prevents burning and breaking.
  • Styling thick hair requires more temperature so 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is fine. The hair that is unruly locks is easy to style at 450 degrees which is the highest heating temperature on any of the flat iron.


  • The flat irons as a single styling tool come with versatile features like single-handedly it can straighten, curls and put waves alone. The majority of these mini flat irons come with a swivel cord or else they are very portable that you can take them anywhere everywhere while traveling. These include battery-powered and cordless.
  • Another feature that you can look for is most of them comes with heat-safe bags for packing it and heatproof gloves to prevent from any burn. If you are going for any professional

Top 6 Best Mini Flat Iron for Short Hair

1. MkBoo Hair Straightener

☞450 degrees F
☞ Maximum Heat
☞ 4D Brush
4.5Price on Amazon
2. Ghd Classic Original Hair

☞ Auto-sleep mode
☞ 2.7 cord length
☞ 365 degrees F
4.4Price on Amazon
3. Voloom Rootie Mini flat iron

☞ 395-degree high temperature
☞ Adjustable heat
☞ Ceramic Plates
4.4Price on Amazon
4. HSI Professional Flat Iron

☞ Adjustable High heat
☞ 450 F maximum temperature
☞ Ceramic Plates
4.3Price on Amazon
5. MONDAVA Professional Straightener

☞ 110V- 240V
☞ Auto shut off
☞ Heats up quickly
4.2Price on Amazon
6. KIPOZI 1 Inch Mini Hair Straightener

☞ 1-inch Floating plates
☞ World Wide Voltage
☞ Safety Lock
4.2Price on Amazon

1. MkBoo Hair Straightener

Price on Amazon


  • Ceramic Coating with Titanium Plates
  • Steam Technology
  • 450 degrees F Maximum Heat
  • 4D Brush
  • Temperature lock
  • Auto-Shutoff

This flat iron for short hair is for professionals and for casual use as well. The 7 pcs steam holes provide the constant 4.5g per minute steam with uniformity for the penetration of water ions leaving the hair with a silky and shiny look.

The titanium plating with the aluminum plate with a 3D comb helps to give a smooth look to your hair and from tearing hair off. Also, this thin flat irons for short hair helps to reduce the split ends without knotting your hair.

The metal-ceramic heater MCH provides an equal amount of heat throughout. It comes with the feature of adjustable temperature to which you can easily set it according to your requirement ranging from 150 degrees C to 230 degrees C.

Now, this mini flat iron with temperature control is safe enough to be used as it turns off automatically if not attended for 60 minutes. The swivel cord can move at 360 angles for easy use.

The LCD display and a removable water tank with 40 ml make it more convenient. The portability of this short hair straightener and for long hair as well comes with two hair clips and a Kettle. Another good thing that makes it the best mini flat iron for short hair is that it comes with dual voltage for your trips.

2. Ghd Classic Original Hair

Price on Amazon


  • Ceramic
  • 10x 1.5 x 4 inches
  • 365 degrees F Maximum temperature
  • For all hair type
  • 2 years warranty
  • Round barrel and Floating Plates
  • Auto-sleep mode
  • 2.7 cord length

This straightener falls in one best mini flat iron for short hair and long hair as well. It heats up quickly in just 30 seconds and let you know when it is done it let you know with a beep.

GHD flat iron for short hair has only one temperature which is 185 degrees centigrade which is perfect for every kind of hair type. The ceramic heat and floating ceramic plate technology contribute to providing a sleek look to all kind of hair.

Another cool feature for this straightener is that it automatically turns off when it is not in use for 30 minutes. With a long cord of 2.7-meter length you can easily take it anywhere.

3. Voloom Rootie Mini flat iron

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • 395-degree high temperature
  • Adjustable heat feature
  • 1-year warranty
  • Has locking mechanism
  • Ceramic Plates
  • 360 swivel chord

This flat iron for short hair has a patent technology. This could be good mini flat iron for short hair as it can add volume to the hair. This hair straightener creates volume pockets in the hair to give them great volume.

This straightener is capable of delivering the same amount of heat level throughout your hair from roots to the ends of the hair.

The 1 ½ inches width of the straightener. The adjustable temperature allows you to set the heat level starting from 220 F to 350 F. This could be another best flat iron for short hair as they can go and work for every kind of hair type and if you won’t get satisfied with the results, you can get your money back within 30 days.

4. HSI Professional Kind Hair Straightener

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Has Micro Sensors
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Adjustable High heat
  • Comes with dual Voltage
  • 1-year warranty
  • 1 inch wide plate
  • 450 F maximum temperature

This mini flat irons for short hair gives noticeable results in no time and it easily works with every kind of hair type. The microsensor of this hair straightener for short hair uses 8 holes for equal distribution of heat on hair.

The ceramic plates provide a smooth and silky look with a shine finish in your hair and remove the fizziness of the hair. The adjustable temperature ranges from 140 degrees to 450 degrees in Fahrenheit.

You can move freely while using it as it has an electric swivel cord with the 360 degrees angle.

These straighteners for short hair and for long hair could be a good choice as they are travel friendly and compatible with the dual voltage 110v-220v. The mini flat iron with temperature control manufacture 2by HSI company gives a year warranty. The 1-inch width of the plate helps to straighten the small bangs as well.

5. MONDAVA Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Comes with accessories
  • Temperature controller
  • Auto shut off
  • Has dual voltage
  • Heats up quickly
  • 110V- 240V
  • Custom precision

This mini hair straightener for long hair and short hair gives a shiny and smooth look for your hair within 8 minutes. The vibrating flat iron which is plated with premium quality tourmaline produces negatively charged ions gives smoothness and eliminates fizziness.

The ceramic plates are 1 inch wide that provides the consistency of heat throughout the ends of hair. Digital precision in gives the temperature control starting from 190 to 450 Fahrenheit. It has a 300V swivel cord to move around freely.

This straightener heats up quickly within 5 seconds and turns off automatically ensuring safety. The dual voltage including 110V to 240V.

Along with the package, you will get 1 heat-resisting glove, traveling pouch, comb, and 2 alligator hair clips.

6. KIPOZI 1 Inch Mini Hair Straightener

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Adjustable temperature with 3 modes
  • 1-inch Floating plates
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Auto-shutoff
  • World Wide Voltage
  • Safety Lock

Last but not the least, this KIPOZI made it to be in the list of mini flat irons. The 3D floating plates make the hair smooth. The 1-inch professional hair straightener can easily straighten the bangs and small hair giving them a sleek and silky look.

The dual voltage of this mini flat iron can go with any kind of voltage from 100 to 240V without adjusting it. When it comes to the temperature, this mini flat irons for short hair has 3 different modes for hair type including normal, damaged and healthy hair.

This mini flat iron heats up in 30 seconds at each mode. The safety lock design saves the space and make it more compact. As this hair straightener comes with ion technology, you need to double click the button twice.


Having sleek, shiny and smooth hair is what most of us want as the hairstyle plays an important role to give an impressive look and a long-lasting impression. This review article has been written to provide ease to the user specifically to those who have short hair. You will find some the top-notch products in the following article. With the help of following products you can easily try a variety of hairstyles without going at any fancy salon.

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What is the best mini flat iron for short hair?

The best mini iron for short hair is the one which can easily straighten, curls and put waves in the hair in the short hair specifically the bangs. The products specially KIPOZI and MONDOVA are good choices for that.

What’s the smallest size flat iron?

The smallest size of the flat iron includes the mini flat iron that has 1 inch to 1 and ¼ inches wide platinum plates. This includes the flat iron manufactured by MKBO, GHD, HIS and KIPOZI hair flat irons

Are straightening brushes good for short hair?

Yes. Hair straightening brushes do work upon short hair length but for this you have to know the hair length and type of your hair. Additionally, make sure you’re using the best styling product and the size of the brush that you are using.

How do I know what size flat iron to buy?

The mini iron that has more than one-inch plate falls in the category of large iron. For thick and long hair, these flat irons work fine. The large 1.25 and 1.5 inches are also perfect for that but if you have short hair, go for the mini iron that is 1 inch wide.

How to use a flat iron on short hair?

It is easy to use a flat iron on short hair. The short hair is easy to manage but still it requires proper technique along with a styling mini iron. The following video will help you out to get it done in an easy way.

A chainsaw is an essential auto-machine involved in the cutting process largely in forests and wood related industries and to know how does a chainsaw work? Let us find out.

It is a highly useful and must-have item to have in your backyard if you are a practical person who likes to use his own hands to get the job done.

A chainsaw as the name implies can be controlled both manually and electrically. Being honest at the start it is not a simple machine; it is a complex and dangerous machine which should be operated with utmost care even as we discuss how it works below.

Depending upon your choice you can purchase either gas, electric, or battery-powered chain saw. However, the basic operation they provide remains the same except for some minor differences and chain saw speeds.

In order to understand how a chainsaw works let us observe its main components in a bit of detail.

  • It firstly involves a heavy-duty engine at its core. Which is run through gasoline or electricity depending upon the type of chainsaw.
  • At the engine, the chainsaw receives the main power to turn and rotate the blade in a rapid motion.
  • Next, up is the mechanical part called the carburetor which allows for the fuel and air to help move the chain in a circular motion.

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  • Then comes the main driving machinery of the chainsaw. This driving mechanism also involves the use of clasp.
  • This clasp prevents the chainsaw from going into an extreme mode when it encounters a slight difficulty while cutting through wood.
  • So, with this clasp latched on the chain saw is safer to operate as it resumes its work without exerting dangerous force on your arms.
  • Then comes the brake chain which is located just near the clasp.
  • The brake chain receives motion from the clasp which in turn signals it to shutdown in case of a kickback in the chainsaw during operation.

Last but not the least, is the chain used for cutting. A chain saw comes pre equipped with a metallic chain which cuts through almost any type of wood by rotating in a circular motion. However due to extended use, the chain should be constantly checked and would often be the first part which you would need to replace.

If you are confused about how to install security camera wires outside? Then stress no more as we have prepared a brief guide for you to give you the basics of running security camera wires installation.

Since security these days is a must to look into and to make sure it delivers all-day your wires should be properly run outside. While also making them not too visible for the thief to spot and take a shot at.

Even if it is your first time doing something like this, we will make sure our guide gets you covered. So, you can easily run security cameras in any portion of your house without problems.

First off, make a plan for the route which your main wire will follow. You should plan it such that it’s mostly discreet and not easily seen for the first time. Make sure that the route you find is not that hard and that is short, so you need less wire. This also makes the wiring job easier, trust us!

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A second, now you need to use the wires themselves, you would also be needing some metal protective casing for your live security feed wire. The casing would help the wire to be damaged from outsider intruders or animals.

Thirdly, this step depends upon the type of camera you have installed outside. If it’s a Poe camera then its suitable cable would be enough to make a connection with the main power outlet of your house.

On the other hand, if your security camera is wifi controlled, then just run the security wires for the wifi system to the outlet. Job is done till there folks.

The next step involves finding the point where you want to cut the hole for your outside security camera wires. Afterward drill that hole, for your security wires to enter make sure the hole is of ideal diameter to accommodate the security camera wires.

Moving on, the next step involves hiding your security camera wires either underground or through the metal casing as we explained above. The next step focuses on the completion of the wires and on how they will run. Use them with a fishing tape wire by placing it at the endpoint of that tape and then start the wiring process.

The last step involves slowly start to pull the security wires from their desired entry and exit points. Make sure that your wires do not get tangled otherwise a mess awaits you. Keep pulling the wires slowly as explained above to maintain continuity of the signal inside and to increase the efficiency of the signal.

Conclusively, that’s all for the brief basics on how to run security camera wires outside. We hope it helped clear your questions and helped you with your installation.

If you are in love with customizing your car and have often wondered of trying something unique by tinting your front windows then this article is for you. Where we explain how front window tint actually works and the basic steps required for it.

Tinted front windows usually help to block harmful UV rays from the sun which may damage your skin. At the same time, they also give more privacy to the people inside the car while also preventing outsiders to see inside.

So, while the process of tinting is often though to be hard and time taking let’s see in brief the main steps on how it works.

First choose a place which is clean and also dry as to not moisturize the surface of your car. Trying indoor tinting is a good option by the way. Secondly, then start working on removing any stickers or other obstacles on the window.

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Afterwards clean your front windows thoroughly, using as recommended soap water and a razor blade for the glass. Make sure to reach the entirety of the window and later on after you have successfully washed both the windows to be tinted dry them using a dry and clean towel or any similar cloth.

Make sure that you window is clean and dry otherwise during tinting it will cause problems. The next step involves peeling of the tint just as you would a sticker. Choose the sticky side of the tint of course. Also make sure that the non-sticky side is facing towards you while you are tinting.

The next step then involves placing the tint on the front windows such that it covers the entire window as intended. Make sure that you cover more than 60 % of the tint material on the corners of your windows. Be cautious as to not adhere the tint at the moment!

Then the step of cutting the exact tint arrives as you may have guessed. Use a blade carefully to cut the exact size of the window to be tinted according to your measurements but make the sizing of the tint with 2 or 3% more room for adjustments.

Then apply the window to be tinted with a spray of water, when that is done apply the tint you cut onto the window with the thin layer of water. You will see the tint sticking to the front windows. With this done the next step involves, cutting the bottom and top of edges of the tinted window.

Using a knife, you will be able to get the perfect shape and tint on the front window. Later on, if all went well you will see your tint stick like a square in the middle and two edges on the corner will stick perfectly as well.

Lastly, remove any extra layers of tint left on the corner of the door. That’s it and you are done with tinting on your front windows.

A food processor is an amazing kitchen device. From slicing and dicing to chopping and mixing stuff a food processor does it all in no time.

These processors originated from North America where a professor evolved the concept of an industrial and more complex blender. Which later after modifications became the food processor as we know it now.

With food processors, there is also no limit as to the types of food/vegetables it can process. Almost anything which is used in day to day cooking today can be used can be easily processed and minced with a food processor.

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Also, if you are interested in choosing a food processor make sure you buy it after analyzing the types of food which you expect to process. Its blade size, the size of the food processor itself and the option for multiple speeds. All of these factors prove handy in order to get the best food processor for the price.

Nowadays, food processors have been constantly evolving in their shapes and designs to accommodate your kitchen needs. They come in three basic sizes, ranging from full to small and then mini.

Still regardless of the size of the food processor their basic electrical components and functions remain the same. All the food processors, contain a motor, then a bowl with a lid on it and a tube for sending the food back.

Moreover, you get the options of choosing various speeds depending upon the heavy task your processor is performing. A food processor would also normally come with different sets of blades for different intensive vegetable or fruit cutting.

Here the motor as obvious does the most work and is often the thing which makes a food processor quite heavy. Motor provides the main power which the processor needs for crushing food, while the base of the food processor is made such as to stabilize the machine while it moves.

The food processors available now also feature different and stylish builds at the bottom. They could be either of a plastic or metallic nature depending upon the kitchen ware you have. They are designed such that they almost always go with your kitchen and its background regardless of their size.

That’s all dear readers for a brief know how on what is a food processor and how it works.

A hot tub is one of the famous devices of recent times which has now become a trend in many modern and smart homes.

A hot tub simply is not as complicated as some may think. It’s a large tub or even a small-sized pool of warm satisfying water which is used for therapies and pleasure. It gives you pleasure and satisfaction when you relax inside it with the bubbling water tickling you from all sides.

Some of the more modern hot tubs also have special water jets installed inside them to give high-pressure water, ideal for messaging, and hanging out with friends inside the tub. So hot tubs in recent times have also been known as indoor spas.

Hot tubs also have a sitting area around them. Since they are small in size only 3-4 people can be accommodated at a time at maximum. Still, you can find bigger hot tubs in the market as well which can accommodate more than 4 people at a time.

The sitting area allows friends and family to sit around, chat and have fun with their feet dipped inside the warm and refreshing water (depending upon the weather).

The tub is mostly of a wooden structure and you have to be sure to not confuse it with a jacuzzi or a simple spa. Since in a spa you have numerous water jets as opposed to limited water jets in a hot tub.

Simple hot tubs can have at most around four or eight water jets installed. Here you also have the choice of choosing blowing water jets or highspeed water jets. The choice lies upon you. Most people would like a warm and calm hot tub to relax and enjoy while some would like the water jets to bring a constant bubbling noise during their leisure time.

Some other exciting features you can get these days with hot tubs include but not limited to. Stylish coating, jets, LED light system on the inside or outside, some cool electronic controls installed which would perform certain basic functions at your command.

You can also see hot tubs with headrests to let your head fall back and relax just like your bedroom but this time its in water. You can also get to use hot tubs that come with stylish LCD’s and music systems to start up a watch party with friends.

Whatever way of fun and pleasure you want to try out the hot tubs available currently are fully capable of handling them without difficulties. That’s all for the brief info on hot tubs and their different types.

Just like dehumidifiers are simple and effective in their operation, air purifiers also come from the same family. These focus mainly on purifying your air quality from a major enemy, smoke smell, and other harmful smells dear readers.

Since you will be spending most of your time inside homes in such a quarantine era thanks to the invisible COVID. It becomes highly essential that purified air indoors becomes your topmost priority.

So, the question of the day which might be wandering in your minds could be are air purifiers for smoke smell perfect at all, or is it just all talk. Let’s get that query cleared out together.

Getting the cleanest possible air quality nowadays is a dire concern especially in this COVID period. There cannot be any more compromises on health. However, a HEPA filter can achieve this task for you by an efficiency of about 99 %.

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While dust mites, allergic bacteria, mold, humidity issues are solved quite efficiently by dehumidifiers. Have you wondered what would be the best weapon against smoke from cigars and cigarettes? Well, simple air purifiers are the ones you should look out for as a suitable choice.

Cigarette smell particularly, or any other smell from a cigar has been proved to be equally harmful to the lungs in the long run and for people who tend to have an allergy to that smell.

Getting an air purifier for smoke smell and more added advantages will prove to be more than you can ask for. As it will not only filter the air from the odd and harmful smells of the cigarette and cigars, but also from harmful toxins, bacteria, and dust.

Thus, increasing the quality of air and increasing your comfort and mood levels as well around your place. Whether it may be your office or your household.

Humidity issues are a common problem when you move into your new house or rent a temporary apartment after immigration. However, do you know the remedy for this added and irritating humidity?

The quick answer here is dehumidifiers. These ingenious devices have been popular in recent times as a countermeasure to the humidity issue in homes, restaurants, offices and almost anywhere public you name it.

What do they do and what is their main basic function let us find out. A dehumidifier simply helps to maintain your desired level of humidity in the room without it bothering you much. They do their operation by cleansing your moisture-laden air.

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Which in turn prevents the formation of bacteria, and other similar bugs to grow on your furniture or sofa. Most of which could easily lead to health issues in the long term.

Since dehumidifiers help to get rid of the excess moisture in your atmosphere. In short, dehumidifiers have also proven to increase the comfort levels of an individual without stressing too much on turning on an air conditioner.

Dehumidifiers also improve the quality of air by not only minimizing the humidity level but also some other various toxins which could get carried inside your home through winds. So do not only go out to buy dehumidifiers by just keeping in mind the humidity factor.

Aside from improving the quality of air dehumidifiers also help to eliminate the dust mites which are easily the cause of excess sneezing during the cleaning of your home. So, to prevent the perfect environment in which these tiny dust substances adore a dehumidifier is the ideal weapon against them as well.

Noise is always an irritating element whether it be across rooms or through walls. So here we present a guide showing effective ways in which you can reduce noise through walls for good.

First, you need to understand why does the noise comes through your walls in the first place. It is simply the fault lies mainly on the contractors which built your wall at cheap prices. The material used during construction of shared walls contains often dry walls with a 2 by 4 area on both sides. This contributes to the ugly noise.

So, the remedy for this problem is something like this. The first thing you can try out is the use of foam panels to cover these noisy walls. These panels are basically of the form of boards which are effective in absorbing noise.

These panels with their particular chemistry of wall molecules increase resistance in the air around the foam panel and as a result reduce noise. Another method to adopt is using the drywalling technique to increase the thickness of your walls. Since noise is less effective on thicker walls so your noise will on auto be decreased through this technique.

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More on, you can also choose the special points of noise inside your walls, and then you can start sound defeating procedure on those points. With the same above foam panel procedure, we defined above.

Another technique to sought out is choosing a spacious area where noise is a problem and filling it up with furniture. Furniture is said to be a good source of sound-absorbing and does help to reduce sound in whatever way it can by reflecting the sound waves from the empty space.

Not only furniture but even bookshelves, some wall paintings, are good options. If the sound is coming close from a window then you can try placing the furniture near those spots. As a result, the sound is effectively diminished.

Take note here that the material used in the sound eliminating process depends highly upon that point from where it originated. For instance, as an alternate to furniture for noise reduction, you can also buy sound eliminating curtains these days to reduce noise from the windows. Cool right?

Apart from the normal wooden and so-called hard furniture, you can also choose softer furniture such as rugs, carpets, etc. These effectively help to absorb the noise waves into their surfaces instead of reflecting them back to other furniture.

That is all for the effective measures we had for you to reduce noise through walls. We hope our guide proves effective in solving your problem.

These days an increasing number of people are becoming more conscious about their health and as a result, have turned to fitness trackers and smartwatches. In fact, some are also unsure about the difference between choosing either a fitness tracker or a smartwatch.

So, diving into the topic. Both of these smart devices act as a means to keep track of your daily exercises and other physical activities. While in order for this to make happen you must be wearing these devices at all times during those exercises.

What are fitness trackers? They are a kind of high-quality fitness tech which you wear on your wrists and it gives you some physical fitness related information during your exercises.

The fitness trackers available for you in the market consist of different varieties. There are basic trackers, then there is the wrist tracking fitness tracker which we will focus on mainly in this guide.

On the other hand, a smartwatch as the name itself implies is also a wearable tech that gives you a good track of your day’s physical activities.

It gives exciting features ranging from applications, GPS functionality, Bluetooth or WIFI support even, and special IR sensors for tracking heartbeat and blood pressure.

Moving on, if we compare this two side by side. A fitness tracker while in many ways similar to a smartwatch gives you the feature of measuring your heartbeat. It also has GPS capability installed to give you a good measure of covered distance and remaining distance while jogging or running.

Furthermore, recent improvements have also made possible water-resistant fitness trackers. They give good and long-lasting battery times compared to smartwatches. Some advanced fitness trackers also give the option of a digital coach. Whose voice gives you tips and informs you of the progress you have made so far.

They are also much cheaper in terms of prices compared to smartwatches.

On the other hand, a smartwatch is another brilliant piece of tech which gives not only the same features like the fitness tracker but even more as well. Their basic models come pre-installed with heartbeat sensors, GPS systems for guidance, and digital coach options as well.

While compared to fitness trackers only some of the advanced models are now coming with the additional features which most smartwatches already give you. Similarly, the smartwatches have the added option of being compatible with your phone while you are exercising so that is a plus there.

With a phone application, the smartwatches can be easily synced and you get to see your progress in both places. However, smartwatches can be sometimes big and bulky for users to wear who prefer smart and lightweight devices.

At the end of the day, the option falls upon you for either one of these two. So, you can get a great track of your physical activities and stay motivated to work more and get fit more.