7 Best Stuhrling Watches Review- Buying guide 2019

Time is all that matters. This is something that everyone should value both in a literal way and by wearing it (watches). While wearing one, we always try to get the one watch with has the best features, at an affordable price. Stuhrling watches review proved that it is one of the companies that provide us exactly what we want.

A wristwatch is one of the essentials for some people in their daily routines. People who have the habit of wearing a wristwatch can get a stuhrling watch as you can find it in both leather and chain straps.

Mostly, the wristwatches are designed in a way to match with every kind of formal dressing. We all have our own sense of style so we prefer the one that really goes with our style.

We can find so many renowned companies in the market for wristwatches that make it more difficult for us to pick the right one. Stuhrling automatic watch review says that it has stylish watches with cool features. Keeping this in our mind, we have narrowed down 7 best Stuhrling watches for you.

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Best Stuhrling Watches Review

1. Stuhrling Original Men’s Sport Chronograph Watch

Stuhrling Original Men's Sport Chronograph Watch

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  • Formula Series
  • Japanese Quartz VK63
  • Krysterna Crystal dial
  • It is a water-resistant 330ft.
  • 3 chronological dials
  • Date window

We have talked about skeleton watches, dress watches, about women’s watch but now we are going to share the real sports beast. This watch will definitely lock your eyes on its classy looks and amazing features that you want in your collection so bad.

Well, let’s just start with it looks. This stuhrling original stainless steel watch comes with a silver matt finishing bracelet and comes in 5 different colors.

People who have knowledge about watches will definitely know the worth of it. This Stuhrling Original watch from their formulai series has a touch of Rolex Daytona style with 3 sub-dial chronographs.

The three rowed chain bracelet with a button clasp style gives the royal look to your wrist and a comfortable feel too.

2. Stuhrling Original Men Swiss Quartz 

Stuhrling Original Men Swiss Quartz 

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  • 42mm Stainless steel casing and bracelet
  • Water-resistant up to 660ft
  • Swiss Quartz
  • Made of Krysterna glass
  • Three-row solid build

The classic Stuhrling watches reviews have shown that this waterproof sports watches for men go with both formal and sporty outfits.

This custom time swiss made watch although it has a traditional look the blue matte finishing gives it the luxury and classy look.

This stuhrling original stainless steel watch comes with a three row-chained strap with a blue or a black dial watch which is quite typical like others. The Swiss quartz makes it stand out as its water resistance is able to bear it till 660 ft.

3. Classic Atrium Elite Stuhrling

Classic Atrium Elite Stuhrling

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  • Partial Skeleton dial Watch
  • Synthetic Sapphire dial
  • Water-resistant up to 165ft
  • Made of 42 mm Stainless Steel
  • Auto-self winding
  • Roman Numerals
  • Clasp styled.

In stuhrling original skeleton watch review, this classic stuhrling watch proved itself one of the worthy watches to be bought.

This Stuhrling original men’s legacy watch is one of their skeleton watches that stands out in the skeleton category of watches. This watch comes with a Krysterna synthetic Sapphire dial that protects it completely.

The Stuhrling classic atrium elite is water-resistant that allows you to be draped till 165ft. so if you are going swimming and forgot to remove it. Don’t worry it won’t get hurt.

Stuhrling original Krysterna Crystal watch is built with a partial skeleton design that allows you to get the glance of the internal body too.

The chained clasps, self-winding with a black skeleton dial, Roman numerals, and skeleton body, it is like having everything all in the same product.

4. Stuhrling Original Sport Analog

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  • 42mm Stainless Steel casing
  • Krysterna Dial window, shatter-resistant
  • Swiss Ronda Quartz movement
  • PVD casing
  • Water-Resistant
  • Buckled strap
  • Push and Pull Fluted Crown
  • Roman Numerals

If you are looking for a classy and sporty watch then Stuhrling Original Sport Analog is a perfect choice for you.

Stuhrling watches review showed that this cool and trendy watch is manufactured with Swiss Ronda Quartz and is from their 881 collections.

The Sturhrling original men’s legacy watch comes in six different exciting colors with an original leather strap.

This automatic mens watches leather strap is slightly thinner than the typical men’s sports watch. It makes the watch texture like weightless by giving your wrist a lighter feel.

5. Stuhrling Original Skeleton Watch for Men

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  • Automatic Swiss movement
  • Made of Krysterna Movement
  • Waterproof 50ft.
  • Automatic with Skeleton dial
  • Black leather strap with Stainless Steel casing
  • Dual time at subdials
  • 7 different colors (dial)

Here we are sharing another Stuhrling original Skeleton automatic watch. You might be thinking that another skeleton watch in the Stuhrling watches reviews. Well, this is because of the cool and alluring features it watch has.

With stuhrling original skeleton automatic watch, you to see how the Swiss automatic movement works. Stuhrling skeleton watch is totally protected as it has a sturdy Krysterna movement glass with a stainless steel body.

Another appreciable thing about this article is that it comes in 7 different exciting colors. For a unique look, Stuhrling made their pure leather straps with an alligator embossed look. It also allows you to set different times at the same watch. Whichever watch you choose, they all are best in their own way.

6. Stuhrling Original Women’s Soiree

Stuhrling Original Women's Soiree

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  • Japanese Quartz
  • Bracelet style, Stainless steel
  • Has a date window
  • 50m water resistant
  • 2 different colors

We don’t want to be called ‘gender-biased’ by mentioning men’s watch only. In Stuhring watches review, we found this stylish female watch.

This women’s Stuhrling watch could be editor’s pick as it has everything that a cool and stylish watch requires. Stuhrling Soiree watch is made of silver steel bezel with sturdy Krysterna glass.

It comes in two different colors i.e. golden and silver with a bracelet strap. If you are wearing this you don’t need to wear any other accessories because Stuhrling alone is enough to make you look classy.

Another cool feature of women’s stuhrling original stainless steel watch is that it is waterproof up to 50m of water. Now every woman will love to add this into their essentials and a perfect gift for your loved one.

7. Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviation Watch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviation Watch

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  • Date window
  • Day window
  • Krysterna Crystal
  • Original leather strap
  • Water-resistant 100m
  • Stainless Steel

It is a tough decision to be made in which one of these Stuhrling watches should be bought. This stunning watch has everything that you want.

This American aviator watch for sale blows your mind with its classy looks and feels. The German Flieger style with Krysterna Crystal was very popular in the previous generation with prolongs till the present time.

The sturdy stainless steel rivets with Japanese quartz comes in 10 variety of different colors with a sliver or a black matt finishing. Now you can track your day and date along with your time.

The Stührling original men’s swiss dress watch or you can call it a sporty watch does not matter because it goes with formals and informal both. If you are planning to give your loved one a special gift, just go for it.

Swiss quartz vs Japanese quartz

Every watch works with movements. There are two different movements with which the watch works i.e. quartz and mechanical. Quartz is more accurate as compared to mechanical watches. The reason is that the way it works.

In quartz, there are further categories, Swiss quartz, and Japanese quartz. We are mentioning here Swiss quartz vs Japanese quartz.

The Swiss movement is actually related to mechanisms that work and track the time accurately. It was made by Swiss manufacturers and they are more expensive and reliable than the Japanese quartz. The Swiss Quartz is generally water and shock-resistant.

Japanese was the pioneer of quartz in watches and produces less costly quartz watches as compared to the Swiss quartz. Japanese Quartz and Swiss Quartz both are quality watches as they both are best in their own ways.

In some Japanese Quartz watches, you can find the feature of automatic alarms. Japanese Quartz is made by rejecting the huge and bulky watches and also they made an evolution by using less power consuming battery cells.

That makes a tough choice to be made which one you want.

Difference between men’s watch and women’s watch

While selecting a good and perfect wristwatch, we always prefer to buy the one that looks trendy and also it is according to the size of our wrist.

Nowadays, women are wearing big dial watches that are once considered to be men specified only. This is because women are trying to be masculine that might give the impression of power.

When we differentiate men’s watch with women’s watch, we have not found any such differences related to gender. Maybe it is the style preferences of women to wear a watch with a big dial.

Here we are mentioning some differences between the men’s watches and women’s watches.

Straps: In the Stuhrling watches review, we found that the men’s watch straps are a bit thicker than women’s watches. This is because the men have a broad wrist and need a solid grip.

Dial size: We all know that men are physically strong more than women and have a wide and broad wrist. The dial of the watch is always designed in accordance to the size of the wrist. That is why women’s watches have a small dial and thin strap.

Colors: you can find so many colors in female watches whereas for the men you can find only dark shades like black, brown.

Weight: As we know that the dial size of men’s watch is big and because of this the men’s watches are a bit heavy than women’s watches.

Closing Notes

Is Stuhrling a good watch ? The question arises. But, in Stuhrling watches reviews, we found so many amazing products that nobody can deny about it. For your ease, we have selected the best ones for formal and casual use.

Whether you want a sporty watch or a Stuhrling original men’s swiss dress watch or semi-formal one, you can find every type of watch easily. So grab the one that you want the most.


Q:Is Stuhrling a new brand?
Stuhrling Unique is another watch brand with an old custom, produced in the early long periods of Swiss horology.
Stuhrling Unique watches be created with similar expertise, tender loving care, and excellence that had been a convention in his family for ages.

Q:What features and styles are available from Stuhrling watches?
Stuhrling watches are made with luxury and style in mind.A Stuhrling watch of any style is a luxury timepiece.
 You can choose between Stuhrling automatic watches and quartz watches and select a Stuhrling that is waterproof, has separate chronograph functions or offers dual-time display.

Q:Are Stuhrling Watches Waterproof?
Yes, Stuhrling watches are waterproof.

Q: Why Are Stuhrling Watches Cheap on Amazon?
With the surety of getting cheap labor, Stuhrling watch spends most of its work in the designing of watches. Therefore, it provides a reasonable budget for procuring Japanese and Swiss movements from cheap factories. Even though most Swiss-movement Stuhrling watches are pricier reasonable.

Q: Is Stuhrling A Luxury Brand?
A: Yes, stuhrling is a luxury brand and it’s a unique and prestigious piece in the stock market.


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