With winter just around the corner and hot summer days saying goodbye, it is the perfect time to indulge into something fun and enjoyable, something that can bring you and your tribe together and create an environment of relaxation and peace. A product that will bring warmth and comfort and also help relieve stress and anxiety. If you are looking for something that fulfills all this, we suggest it is time for you to treat yourself to an extra-large hot tub. Extra-large hot tubs are the trend of 2019 and something that will always be the ‘it’ thing. And not just for fun but hot tubs are great for your health as well. Studies have found countless benefits of hot water body submersion. Listed below are some of the health benefits associated with hot tubs:

1. Stress relief

Extra-large hot tubs have proven that submerging your body into hot water for as little as 20 minutes can help relieve stress. You will feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated ready to take on life’s various challenges.

2. Muscle recovery

It is a common practice that if someone’s muscles are sore or aching, people often warm their muscles using heat packs or hot cloths. And since hot water helps increase blood flow and circulation hot tubs are great for muscle recovery and pain reduction.

3. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy or hydropathy is the process of using water to treat different ailments such as arthritis. Since hydrotherapy requires water to be at a temperature higher than room temperature a luxury hot tub or even a cheap portable hot tub can be the perfect friend.

4. Improved blood circulation

It has been proven that since hot water opens up our blood vessels, which leads to better blood circulation due to widened vessels.

5. Improved sleep

Since, hot tubs relieve stress and sore muscles it leads to a sound and induced sleep- helping you wake up happy and refreshed the next day.

6. Toxin Removal

Soaking in hot water, as soon as our body takes in heat, it expands our pores and releases toxins that get displaced with oxygen. In this way hot tubs let our body rid itself of toxins and improve our health.

Now that you know that hot tubs are fun and good for our health it’s time to dive into the world of hot tubs and decide whether you’re a luxury hot tub type of person or a fun cheap portable hot tub lover! But the question is how? We know that choosing one can be a difficult and hectic process and most people devoid themselves of joy to avoid the hassle. This is where we come in; we have researched and discovered the best extra-large tubs for you! From capacity to quality we have covered it all.

The first thing that you need to decide is what kind of hot tub would suit you, your house and your requirements. What sizes are you looking for? Do you need a standard hot tub size? A large devil for you to socialize and party in the tub lights or are you someone who wants to rule the kingdom all alone and relax in a hot tub with TV, you name it- we’ve covered it all. Read the article below and make your own hot tub comparisons to choose the one that works for you.

There is a wide abundance of Acrylic and inflatable luxury hot tubs in the market so; we have suggested the top 5 Acrylic and inflatable luxury hot tubs.


ASPEN 880 SERIESCheck Price
Check Price
LSX 900 Michael Phelps spaCheck Price
Body Back Buddy Back Handheld MassagerCheck Price

When buying a product such as a hot tub it is important to know what material it is made of, so you can make the right decision based on your uses and choices. Hot tubs are made from many materials and come in a lot of varieties. When it comes to a hot tub it is very crucial and rather important to remember the wear and tear it has to face as a result of regular use and the furthermore affects the weather and environment will have upon it. Acrylic hot tubs are great in that regard that they are made with much stronger material and will stick through thick and thin with you. It is also important to keep in mind that acrylic hot tubs are great at maintaining temperatures for longer and keep in the inside heat retained. When it comes to extra-large hot tubs acrylics are a public favorite. However, acrylic hot tubs are not portable and some require proper technical and electrical support to get them installed and maintained.

While keeping all these factors in mind we have combined a list of Top 5 acrylic hot tubs for you:


Check Price

This beautiful, perfectly designed, the luxury hot tub is a choice of kings and will make you and your company feel nothing short of royalty. This 7’6″ x 9’2″ x 41.5″ (229 cm x 280 cm x 106 cm) giant hot tub with jets is a model of dreams. Created with perfect precision and accuracy it is just what you need to make all of your royal fantasies come true!

SEATS                     7-8 ADULTS

VOLUME              520 US GAL OR 1968 LITERS

TOTAL JETS        66 (with 8 varieties)


Check Price

If you are looking for a portable hot tub that you can plug and play wherever you want, then HUDSON BAY SPA 334 is exactly what you’re looking for. Its one of the more popular products when it comes to portable and durable outdoor hot tubs. Portable hot tubs also come as inflatables which are also listed below in this article. The advantage of having HUDSON BAY SPA 334 is that it is portable but sturdier than inflatables. This 80 x 80 x 34 inches’ beauty just needs the perfect location to be plugged in and you are good to go.

SEATS                        4-6 ADULTS

VOLUME                 310 US GAL NOR LITRES

TOTAL JETS           34

3. LSX 900 Michael Phelps spa

Check Price

As advertised LSS 900 is designed for champions and its comfortable design and innovative technology will make you feel like one too. LSX 900 is an advancement of The LSX800 series and encapsulates the best features of all Master Spas hot tubs by which it will take your relaxation to the next level.

SEATS                                   7-8 ADULTS

VOLUME                           490 US GAL OR LITRES

TOTAL JETS                     72


Check Price

A9L is the most advertised Bullfrog spas’ model and rightfully so, with its innovative design the potential to fulfill all your luxury hot tub fantasies. This massive 7′ 10″ (2.39m) x 9′ 2″ (2.79m) x 38″ (.97m) beauty is the perfect element to bring your friends and family together for a fun and relaxing time. It is a luxury item and its entry range starts from $15,000 to $18,000

SEATS                       7-8 ADULTS

VOLUME               434 gallons



Check Price

If you are the life of every party than this fun and exciting round spa is just what you need. With multi-colored LED lights turn every afternoon into a fun adventure as you party in the tub lights. It’s pricing starts at $4595.00

SEATS                            6 ADULTS

VOLUME                   300 us gal or 1136 LITRES

TOTAL JETS             11

Final Words

In this modern time, with the fast pace of life and ever-growing speed, it is crucial to make use of products that can help us relax and settle down for a little while to make us feel human again. Hot tubs create a great opportunity for people to come together and enjoy the luxury of relaxation and joy together. Setting up your hot tub with TV and speakers or even just a hot tub with TV too would be enough for a fun, memorable time. Feel free to use this knowledge to make your own hot tub comparisons to find the right one for you!

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