Top 6 Best Massager For Hands – Review Guide 2021

The human body is mysterious and like every other thing, it is important to give it proper care and rest that is required to function properly. For this, we are reviewing the best massager for hands.

Our hands are the most important when it comes to caring for your whole body, there are a lot of reflexology points in our hands. Giving those points proper massage and pressure help relaxing the whole body and bringing back the balance. Besides the body, it is important to take care of your hands against damage and injuries.

Keeping the need and requirement priority, there are a lot of products in the market designed specifically for hand massage. You can find the product that suits your needs the best in every a variety of options from price to features.

Things to consider before buying

You can keep complaining about not finding the best massager for hands that work as per your requirement if you are not aware of what to look for in a product before making a purchase.

Every product does not work the same way for everyone, which means it is important to understand your needs before buying something.

Here are the things you need to know before buying the best hand massager machine that will be worth every penny.


The most important of all is to look for in the best home massage equipment is the specification and the levels of pressure and different modes of massages it can give.

Hope all of these mentioned topics will help you to get the best massager for hands.

Type of Massager

To make the most out of one massager understand your personal needs. For instance, you cannot get the benefits of hand massager for arthritis out of a regular one. The market is full of different types of massager for different needs. You will find a versatile range of massagers from heated hand vibration massagers to electric deep tissue massager that offers different functions and features for different needs.


Always overlooked, but the most crucial is the size of the equipment, especially when you are looking for hands to go massager or the one for your personal use. Big massagers are not feasible to use and move around the house or travelling, whereas smaller and portable ones are feasible to use on the go, in the lounge, outside, and you can also take them along if you travel a lot.


People use such machinery for relaxation. These machines are used frequently and almost on a daily basis. So, essentially, invest in something that is durable enough for long term use without frequent maintenance.


The market is flooding with products that claim easy and one-click use but do not get into the trap before doing your research. Whether you are buying a hand held electric massager or pain relief massage machine, look for the one that gives user-friendly and easy controllers as you do not want to spend your time adjusting the settings but relax while it does the job.


To make your experience worth the time, money, and effort worth always go for the massager that comes with various accessories. It helps in long term use and feasibility, especially when you are making a purchase for a specific purpose such as arthritis hand massage machine or any pain relief massage machine.


Quality matters the most when it comes to electronics as they are expensive and used for the long term, in fact, a lifetime. Best massagers on the market come with a lifetime of the warranty. It helps in time to time maintenance.

Top 6 Best Massager for Hands

Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager with Compression

☞Pressure and compression technique
☞6 massage programs
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Breo iPalm520S Electric Hand Massager

☞Support AC outlet
☞Multiple time modes
☞Led timer
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HANDSONIC Hand Massager

☞LCD display
☞Portable and travel-friendly
☞240 minutes with a single recharge
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HoMove Hand Roller Massager

☞360 degree massaging
☞Heat massaging
☞Auto working time
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Daiwa Felicity Hand Massager

☞Airbags technology
☞Optional heat functioning
☞Finger window for bigger hands
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Sharper Image Hand Compression Vibrating Hand Massager

☞Leather exterior
☞Padded interior
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1.Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager with Compression

Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Compression

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Forget the struggle of stressing of one hand to relax another with massagers that need to be held in the hand. Lunix hand massager is the most innovative of all the other alternatives that are available in the market that squeezes away the stress and strains with simple and easy use. This therapeutic hand massager for arthritis has been tested over 300 patients to prevent any discomfort. Besides relaxing, it offers a cure to sore fingers, numbness, cramps, and gives compression to your hands and fingers to avoid future injuries and pain.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

  • Pressure and compression technique
  • Unique 6 level of pressure and massage
  • Step by step manual guide available in the box
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Various vibration modes
  • 6 massage programs
  • Cordless recharging
  • Lightweight
  • Auto shutoff
  • Travel-friendly
Customer review

Working all day on the computer made my hands ache like anything. I used to suffer from sore and pain in hands due to excess work. Using this hand massager every night for a week I have noticed that my hands do not ache any more. It has improved blood circulation in my hands and made it easier for me to carry around the work without any pain and cramps.

2.Breo iPalm520S Electric Hand MassagerBreo iPalm520S

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Breo iPalm electric hand massager works with air pressure and heat compression massaging technology. It releases the pain and relaxes the hands by rubbing and kneading the palms and fingers, applying the required pressure. It is designed, based on the traditional Chinese meridian acupoint massage therapy, which provides proper stimulus to the hands, offering benefits to the hands and body in the long run.

Rating: 3.7 out of 5

  • 4 x AA battery included
  • Support AC outlet
  • Suitable for office, home, and travelling
  • Air pressure inflate and deflate technology
  • Multiple time modes
  • Led timer
  • Lightweight
Customer review

This massager works really well for relieving pain by applying air pressure heatwaves and compression. I like the fact that it can be run on batteries and AC adapter. My hands are more relaxed and it has increased the blood circulation that helps in better working.


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Looking for a massager for hand pain that actually works?

Handsonic gives the most advanced and unique hand massage that instantly relieve pain. It is equipped with a recirculating heating technology that instantly thaws your frozen hands. It is designed using ergonomically designed technology that perfectly fits the hands offering accurate pressure to acupuncture points. Various modes provide free adjustment according to the need and requirement.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • 3D air surrounded pressure bionic technology
  • Infrared heating system
  • LCD display
  • 240 minutes with a single recharge
  • Portable and travel-friendly
Customer review

It is the best electric massager with heat I have used so far. I do not have to worry about frostbite in the winters. Multiple time settings make it convenient to use and various pressure modes help in getting the right amount of massage that helps in curing all the injuries and pains.

4.HoMove Hand Roller MassagerHoMove Hand Roller

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Hands are the busiest and the most important part of the human body as are used the most and contain important acupressure and reflexology points, which are associated with other organs in the body. Right stimulation help in relieving the pain, improve blood circulation, and improve range of motion by relaxing muscles and tissues.

Homove massager the hand reflexology massager that is combined with air pressure and finger rolling technique. By improving stimulation and applying pressure to the right points in the hands it reduces the carpal tunnel syndrome and provides better-looking skin.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

  • Adjustable massaging intensity
  • Built-in air pressure inflation and deflation technology
  • 360 degree massaging
  • Heat massaging
  • Full hand, palm, and finger massaging modes
  • Auto working time
Customer review

My husband gave me this hand massager as an anniversary gift and I cannot be any happier. My sore fingers due to writing are now more relaxed and pain-free. I can use it whenever and wherever while napping or nursing. Just wishing it has more rollers as they are really soothing and relaxing.

5.Daiwa Felicity Hand MassagerDaiwa Felicity

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This is airbag compression hand massager that works really fine for tight, sore, and cramped hands. It soothes the pain by applying rhythmic pressure along the hand, fingers, and wrist. Its heat setting further helps in giving a relaxing and soothing reduction from pain. There are small massage nodes that stimulate reflexology pressure points in the hands. It is made perfectly for desktop with a pearly outer casing that is distinguishing from others.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

  • Cordless rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Airbags technology
  • 3 levels of compression intensity
  • Optional heat functioning
  • Finger window for bigger hands
  • Automatic massage modes
Customer review

Gifting this pain relief massage machine to my fiance was the best decision I have made. He suffered from hand pain due to losing fingers in an accident. He loves it as it really helped in reducing the pain and offering soothing massage. He uses it all the time and we love the fact of how he can charge it and take it with him anywhere.

6.Sharper Image Hand Compression Vibrating Hand MassagerSharper Image Hand Compression Vibrator

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It is one of the best total hand vibration massagers you can find for arthritis and other hand-related diseases and injuries. It uses a combination of vibration and reflexology-inspired air pressure technology to bring relief to the weary and injured hands. Its unique design is perfect for use in the office, around the house, while travelling and anywhere you like. It works best for hand pain, wrist pain, fingers, and joints.

Rating: 5 out of 5

  • Leather exterior
  • Padded interior
  • Air pressure and vibration technology
  • Portable
Customer review

This product is worth the money as it helped a lot with the stiffness and swelling. It gives a better movement and improved blood circulation to the blood.


Every product works differently for everyone. To make the best out of a product and make it worth the price and experience, it is important to go for the product that is the most suitable for your needs and requirements. Comparing the features, prices, uses, and reading customer reviews helps in making a better choice for anything you are going to buy.

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Coupling regular massage with exercises really helps in reducing the pain for arthritis along with decreasing anxiety and improving strength and blood circulation in the hands.
The Pure Wave CM5 was the most top rated hand massager reviewing for the year 2018 considering all the parameters such as quality, durability, and functionality. Its features along with multiple attachments that are designed to target various levels of pain made it stand out among all the other alternatives available in the market.
Electric deep tissue massager and electric hand massager with heat has been proved effective in reducing the symptoms of carpal tunnel. Massages relieve CYS syndromes by reaking different scar tissue and adhesions in the muscles of the hand, forearms, and wrist that are caused by overuse of the hands and trauma.
Considering the overall performance Ivation foot Spa Massager is the best when it comes to foot massagers.

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