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Best vacuum for long hair – Review & Buying Guide 2021

Do you own a salon or have a pet that sheds a lot of hair? Whatever the place is, nobody likes living in around a pile of hair. This is exactly why you need to get your hands on the best  vacuum for long hair that will make your surrounding more hygienic and liveable.

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- Has a voltage of 21.6 volts DC 
- Cordless

Things to consider before buying:

Type of vacuum cleaner:

  • A handheld vacuum is perfect for cleaning areas that a normal vacuum cannot reach e.g. the insides of a car or hair in nooks and crooks. It is not recommended for everyday floor cleaning process.
  • Upright vacuums provide a promise of durability because of their build. They are sturdy and can be used of hard floors, as well as carpets easily.
  • Stick vacuums can reach into small places and work magic on light carpets and area rugs. It has a slender frame with a stick like shape and it can easily be stored.
  • Robot vacuums are worth the money. They manage to clean the area themselves. Moreover, they are time saving and stick up debris without a mess. They easily clean areas like under the sofas or rugs.

Dirt capacity:

  • The area for dust store should be wide because long hair occupy a lot of space. This way you will catch more debris in less time.


  • A vacuum for long hair is preferred to be cordless as they are straight and upright in shape.
  • They are light weighted and very handy because a cord only provides to be a limiting factor. They are small in size and can be stored easily. A lot of additional accessories accompany them for a better experience without the cord.
  • However, they have limited battery life.

Washable filters:

  • The best vacuum for hair is supposed to have a washable filter as it provides a more easy cleaning process.

Brush rolls clean technology:

  • Electronic brush rolls usually have a longer lifespan and better cleaning capacity.
  • A standard brush tends to tangle in itself and has a short working time span.


  • The best vacuum for human hair should have a long working time of almost 40 minutes after every charge because a shorter battery span will cause interruption while working.
  • This is the dustbin area and it should be large enough to store the maximum debris at one time. This will reduce the cleaning time effectively.

Suction force:

  • A stronger suction force will enable hair in nooks and crooks to come out easily. It doesn’t work for upholstered surfaces and works best for hard floors.

5 Best Vacuums for long hair

ImageFeaturesRatingCheck Price8

- Has a voltage of 21.6 volts DC
- Cordless
4.5Check Price
- Comes with LED headlights
- Has an XL garbage holder
4.4Check Price

- Available in purple color
- Has a battery powered source
4.4Check Price

- Controlled by remote, app and voice
- Requires lithium ion batteries
4.3Check Price

- Available in matt black color
- Battery powered source
4.3Check Price



  • Available in moonstone color
  • Battery powered
  • Has a voltage of 21.6 volts DC
  • Cordless
  • 120 watts of powerful suction force
  • Comes with 3 power modes
  • Has a run time of 40 minutes
  • Has a 4 stage sealed HEPA filters
  • Wall mounting storage available
  • Large 0.6L bin

If somebody is in search of the best vacuum cleaner for hair salon, they should definitely get their hand on this. The motor is digital and high performance, providing about 120 watts of suction force. This is more than any other cordless vacuum for long hair. Along with being powerful, the motor is silent and provides as less of a sound as possible. A total of 40 minutes will be provided with one set of lithium batteries. The three modes available are very different and allow ease of cleaning. The first two modes are used for daily cleaning and the third one is for stubborn substances specifically.

An 80% stronger performance is provided by this best handheld vacuum for long hair because of the multi task power brush that has LED headlights. The headlights guide in dark. Moreover, the filtration system is completely sealed and has four different stages. The first stage is cyclone system to separate large particles, the second one is a mesh filter for hair and dust, the third one is a pre filter to block fine dust and the fourth one HEPA filter can clear 0.3 microns of dust and gives of fresh air.

A very obvious reason why it is the best vacuum for hair on hardwood floors is that it can easily convert to a light weighted hand vacuum. It requires no complication for garbage removal, only a touch if button. The wall mounting storage and the charging dock make it easy to keep.


  • Easy disposal of garbage
  • Ease of use
  • Turns into a hand vacuum to go into small corners
  • Large capacity


  • The charging process through batteries is a little outdated.



  • Available in orange and black color
  • Power source of corded electric
  • Comes with LED headlights
  • Has an XL garbage holder
  • Weighs 10 pounds only
  • Has a quick release handle
  • Accompanied by a pet turbo brush

This brand gives us the best affordable vacuum for long hair that every salon should get. The brush roll is transparent, giving us a clear view of whatever is under it or going inside the vacuum itself. The height can be adjusted into five different sizes, meaning that now you can carry out the work on multi machines with this one best vacuum for hair and suction.

It has a very powerful suction force with a built in high efficient motor that works wonders. It requires no extra maintenance; the dust cup will be emptied with only a push of button. It comes with a specialized turbo brush that extracts hair even from stairs, beddings or covers, making it the perfect vacuum for long hair. The quick release handle makes it easy to switch from floor to above floor cleaning.

The deluxe stretch hose that accompanies this hair vacuum cleans places that are hard to reach with a normal vacuum e.g. ceilings and in between lights. The filter is washable and becomes clean with just cool water. The LED lights, along with the transparent brush roll helps get a better view of whatever is being cleaned.


  • Requires no extra maintenance
  • Affordable
  • High durability
  • Comes with various add on tools


  • It gets a bit awkward to maneuver it around.



  • Available in purple color
  • Has a battery powered source
  • Has an intelligent cleaning alert
  • High efficiency filter system
  • requires a 7 cell lithium ion battery
  • laced with an LED screen
  • replaceable head cleaner
  • option of switching between two modes
  • accompanied by a mini motorized head

JASHEN promises to give us the best vacuum for long hair dogs with exceptional features. The suction power is extreme with 350 watts brushless digital motor that sucks even the embedded hair and stains with ease. The suction power has three modes, MIN mode, MID mode and MAX mode. The first two are for every day cleaning and the third one is for extensive cleaning. This best cheap vacuum for hair has a detachable battery that gives up to 40 minutes of swift cleaning.

The intelligent LED screen performs various functions including remaining work time, the selected power mode and the filter cleaning alert. You can easily switch between the 2 brush modes and choose the one that works best for you, hard or soft. The mini motorized head works wonders on upholstered furniture. It is the best cordless vacuum for long hair because its soft brush can remove large debris and dirt in detail, and the extra soft bristles prevent scratches from happening

. Moreover, this hair vacuum can be charged in three different ways and the wall mount provides a very easy storage way. The high efficiency filtration system comes with 4 stages of filtration that captures 99.99% of the dust, even the one that can’t be seen.  The LED lamp head supports light sensors, which is why It changed modes in accordance with the light available.


  • light weighted, hence easy to handle
  • comes with 3 levels of suction
  • battery power showcased on the LED screen
  • easy maintenance


  • Has a smaller capacity for dust and debris storage.



  • Available in black color
  • Controlled by remote, app and voice
  • Requires lithium ion batteries
  • Comes with time scheduling option
  • Has a find your robot option
  • Comes with a troubleshooting alarming
  • Can be restricted to a certain area
  • Has boost intellect technology

COREDY is a robot vacuum for long human hair with a boost intellect technology that lets it determine whenever there is a carpet. The suction power increases automatically and the cleaning head along with the large two wheels are lifted. It has the ability to clean only a certain restricted area by forming an effective barrier through the magnetic boundary strip

Moreover, the smart mopping cleaning can detect dryness or humidity of the floor and then cleans accordingly. The electronically controlled water pump elevates the cleaning experience. It is the best affordable vacuum for long hair with three option cleaning modes: auto mode, edge mode and spot mode. The triple filter system easily filters out the tiniest of the dust, allergies, hair and particles.

Its batteries can stay charged for up to 120 minutes per charge making it an ideal robot vacuum for long human hair. Furth more, it is compatible with alexa, Google assistant and wifi, making it easy to order it around. It has two side brushes, one of left and the other on right and a troubleshooting guide on the button for convenience.


  • Very quiet
  • has an easy to install edge brushes
  • can be connected to the amazon application
  • separate access to HEPA filters
  • easy maintenance


  • the dust bin is a bit small



  • Available in matt black color
  • Battery powered source
  • Has smart sensor technology
  • Has a 500 watts motor
  • Cordless
  • All in one LED display
  • Compatible with its own application
  • Has a 100 minute working time

One of the main reasons why this is the best upright vacuum for long hair is that it has a 145 watts suction power that can take it even the smallest of the particles. The runtime has been maximized for up to 100 minutes. This hair vacuum detects the dirt and adjusts the suction power in accordance to it. a long battery life promises though cleaning throughout without any interruptions. The application can be used to monitor your cleaning records, for maintenance support and troubleshooting etc.

Switching between the two modes, manual and auto is very easy through the embedded touchscreen. The powered pre filter self-cleaning tool will automatically cleanse the filter for better long lasting performance. Easy charging is promised by the dual charging feature and storage gas become easier with wall mounting. The display accurately keeps the cleaning performance in check.

It showcases the battery level, auto mode, dust monitoring loop, wifi, power indicator, dust sensor malfunction and air channel blocked. As the best vacuum for long hair and pet hair, it easily converts to a hand vacuum to reach places that a corded vacuum would not be able to cover. The 2 in 1 dusting brush provides optimal performance.


  • Accompanied by a lot of good accessories
  • The suction power is commendable
  • Has a long running time
  • LED display is of great help


  • A bit expensive


in conclusion, we have presented you a list of best vacuum for long hair and pet hair that will work wonders on your salon in terms of cleanings. Moreover, a very descriptive buyer’s guide should help you clearly decide what you want in your vacuum for long hair. Get your hands on the perfect best vacuum for human hair now!


  1. What is the best robot vacuum for long hair?
    COREDY proves to be the best vacuum for long hair and pet hair.
  2. Which vacuum lasts the longest?
    Upright and robotic vacuums last the longest due to their durable designs. A brand also has a lot of impact on how the vacuum for long hair might work. EURKA works wonders when it comes to durability.
  3. How do you get long hair out of a vacuum?
    It is very easy as you only need to cleanse your dustbin that comes with the vacuum.
  4. Which vacuum has the strongest suction?
    TECON has a very strong suction force that is a must buy.
  5. What is the best vacuum on the market?
    TECON is the best vacuum cleaner for hair salon.
  6. Is it OK to vacuum hair?
    Yes, it is fine to vacuum hair.
  7. How do I choose the right vacuum?
    Refer to out buyers guide. You can easily choose the best suited vacuum for yourself.





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