A food processor is an amazing kitchen device. From slicing and dicing to chopping and mixing stuff a food processor does it all in no time.

These processors originated from North America where a professor evolved the concept of an industrial and more complex blender. Which later after modifications became the food processor as we know it now.

With food processors, there is also no limit as to the types of food/vegetables it can process. Almost anything which is used in day to day cooking today can be used can be easily processed and minced with a food processor.

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Also, if you are interested in choosing a food processor make sure you buy it after analyzing the types of food which you expect to process. Its blade size, the size of the food processor itself and the option for multiple speeds. All of these factors prove handy in order to get the best food processor for the price.

Nowadays, food processors have been constantly evolving in their shapes and designs to accommodate your kitchen needs. They come in three basic sizes, ranging from full to small and then mini.

Still regardless of the size of the food processor their basic electrical components and functions remain the same. All the food processors, contain a motor, then a bowl with a lid on it and a tube for sending the food back.

Moreover, you get the options of choosing various speeds depending upon the heavy task your processor is performing. A food processor would also normally come with different sets of blades for different intensive vegetable or fruit cutting.

Here the motor as obvious does the most work and is often the thing which makes a food processor quite heavy. Motor provides the main power which the processor needs for crushing food, while the base of the food processor is made such as to stabilize the machine while it moves.

The food processors available now also feature different and stylish builds at the bottom. They could be either of a plastic or metallic nature depending upon the kitchen ware you have. They are designed such that they almost always go with your kitchen and its background regardless of their size.

That’s all dear readers for a brief know how on what is a food processor and how it works.

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